Cheshire Hoards


The Cheshire Hoards are two large Roman hoards that have been discovered in right here in Cheshire by metal-detectorists which help us to understand this period of time a little more. These Hoards are an exciting acquisition for the North West and reveal new Knutsford Roman Hoard 3aspects of life in Roman Britain in the first and second centuries AD.

After been declared treasure by the Portable Antiquities Fund, the hoards have been jointly acquired for the North West region by Congleton Museum the Museum of Liverpool.

The Malpas Hoard

The Malpas Hoard was discovered during a metal detecting rally near the parish of Malpas during 2014. It comprises of 35 Roman and Iron Age coins. The Hoard has a mixture of both Iron Age and Roman coins; however, the markings of the Iron Age coins are a very unusual mix of ‘EISV’ usually found in the western area, especially Gloucestershire, and those from the east, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire, marked ‘VEP CORF’.

The Knutsford Hoard

The Knutsford Hoard was found in a field in Knutsford by metal detectorist Alan Bates in 2012. This Hoard is the larger of the two and is an accumulation of 103 coins and a collection of brooches and rings ranging from 32BC, all the way through to the 2nd Century. It is a fascinating look into how some of the Roman population decorated themselves, with elegant and intricate brooch and rings designs.