The Cheshire Hoards

Congleton Museum is pleased to announce that The Romano Cheshire Hoards will be on display at Congleton Museum until the end of March 2017.

The HoardsrevisedPoster Template have been acquired jointly by The Museum of Liverpool and Congleton Museum to be preserved and displayed to the public of the North West with a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Ian Doughty, Collections Manager at Congleton Museum said,

“The hoards tell the story of the early history of the region, and point to links between the Cheshire salt fields and the coastal trading centres in and around Merseyside. We’re delighted that with Heritage Lottery Fund support, visitors to our museums can learn more about the region’s history.”

This exhibition explores the hoards, and their context in the Romano-British North West.

The exhibition is FREE entry.

The main exhibition gallery displays four major themes associated with the town’s past.

Each theme is presented through objects, a relief map of the town, interactive computer programmes and talking heads.

    • Archaeology and Pre-history: The museum’s collections span over 4,000 years.


    • Civil War: Series of exhibits chronicling the English Civil War, offering explanation about the conflict and the different views of the royalists and the parliamentarians.


    • Industrial Revolution: Exploring the impact of the industrial revolution on the local area.


  • Second World War: Congleton had its own Victoria Cross holder;  local industry was busy working on the war effort  and the area was home to many evacuees and a base of the Dutch Princes Irene Brigade.