17th century gold Mourning ring

In June, Ian Doughty travelled to the British Museum for Middlewich Town Council to collect a 17th century Gold Mourning Ring.  As the only accredited museum in central East Cheshire, Congleton Museum was in a unique position to support Middlewich in ensuring that the ring stayed in the area. This ended a year long wait for this beautiful ring to make its way home.


Its delicate and highly intricate decoration and inscription are as clear as the day it was engraved. If the date of manufacture is around 1658-1669 (as is thought), among many possible candidates for the ring’s owner are Frances and Katherine Venables, widows of the last two Baron Venables of Kinderton. A history is being compiled to unravel the story behind the ring.
Working in partnership with Middlewich Town Council, Congleton Museum will display this lovely find at a date to be announced later this year.

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