Congleton Love Poem

One of our volunteers, Jamie Campbell, has just discovered the love poem pictured

Congleton Love Poembelow in our archives. The author is unknown, however based on the style of handwriting and exaggerated sentimentality, it’s thought to date from c.1800-1900.(Note, there is a collection of similar poems called ‘The Congleton Alphabet’). It reads in part…

For ladies fair, tis true Lancashire’s fam’d ,
But Fame Asserts sometimes ought be flam’d:
Congleton’s self the Privilege can boast
Whose every Lady claims a favourite Toast,
Miss N—y W—d an Object of our Praise,
And far too much t’attempt in Humble Lays;
Celestial Shape! In Beauty she may vie,
With Greece’s Hellen, seated now on high!

A Wartime Love Story

A local wartime love story! Valerie and Theo from Veendam in the Netherlands visited the museum on Saturday. They left a message in our visitor’s book saying that Valerie’s Dutch father met her English mother in Congleton in 1940. (Presumably her father was in the Prinses Irene Brigade, which was billeted in the empty town mills at the time.)

Town Oaths book

Hi, my name is Becksy. I am a student at Sandbach High School and I have been volunteering at Congleton Museum for just under a month. With my love of history, it has been very interesting to learn in depth about local history and particularly the history of Congleton … something which isn’t taught in schools!

Whilst at the museum, I have been working with Ian (museum chair), looking at a book of Town Oaths which date back to 1841 (see image below). My project involves transcribing the original Oath documents into a computer to ensure that the documents are more accessible to volunteers and visitors alike. At first it was quite difficult trying to understand both the traditional language and handwriting, but after a few pages, the words began to become familiar. It has been great to have the opportunity to handle and gain some experience of using primary sources.

My first month at the museum has been great! Excuse the cliché – but here you really do learn something every visit!

Oath Book