Halloween 1833

Happy Halloween! On this day in 1833: Peter Johnson behaved in a shameful manner to Mrs Mallet of Holmes Chapel, who was coming to Congleton in his carriage. She was obliged to jump out to save herself from being ravished. (Taken from the Diary of an unknown Congleton Man)

Volunteer stumbles upon family link

It’s a small world! While using the museum’s Victorian Census database to research the history of a friend’s shop on Mill Street, our volunteer Ken Law found a connection to his own family! Turns out, a friend of his mother was at one time either the proprietor of a shop at that address or she lived above it! To find out more about the museum’s research facilities click here.

What is this object??

The unusual item pictured below was recently donated to the museum. We honestly don’t know what it is! The only clue might be that it was found in a barn. The straps and neck piece (?) are made of leather, with six long metal spikes attached to the front. Can anyone identify what it was used for?

Harness & Spikes


Crime wave – 1839!

There was a bit of a local crime wave on this day in 1839! According to the Police Report Book: ‘Two pairs of shoes and a hat were stolen from the house of William Leech in Chapel Street by some person unknown.’ Meanwhile… ‘Found several people drunk in the house of John Heath, the Black Horse, about 1 o’clock in the night time. Heath delayed opening his door for a considerable time.’