Nameless no more!


Nameless no more! After today’s naming ceremony, we can now reveal our carved bear is called Charles. The bear’s creator, Master Carver Jennifer Gater, selected the successful entry and presented a small carved bear to the winner, 10-year-old Liam Williams. Jennifer chose the name to honour her apprentice-master, Malcom Gibbons, a direct descendant of 17th century Royal Carver, Grinling Gibbons. She said, “I chose the name Charles because it was King Charles II who gave Grinling Gibbons his opportunity to carve as an officially appointed and recognised master to the Crown.” The museum is proud to have such a beautifully carved bear greeting our visitors. We hope it’s the first of many works in a long and successful career for Jennifer. (Pictured: Liam with ‘Charles’)

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