Join Congleton Museum at our fascinating heritage talks and discover little known facts about Congleton. All talks start at 2pm at the Museum, which is situated behind the Town Hall. Cost is free for Friends of the Museum or £2.50 per visitor.

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Cheshire’s Deserted Villagedeserted

Havannah was one of the first industrial villages to be built, pre-dating Styal by 22 years. For over 200 years the village’s five water powered mills were:-
• used to manufacture sheet copper and brass wires;
• a centre for the spinning of silk;
• one of the first centres for the mechanical cutting of ‘fustian’ or velvet.
As Cheshire’s deserted village it became an early 20th century tourist attraction.

The Congleton Hoardscongleton hoard
Congleton has three major archaeological finds which are referred to as ‘hoards’ – two collections of coins from the 17th century and one collection of bronze age implements from the 10th century B.C.
This talk explains:
• their local and regional importance;
• the circumstances of their loss and discovery;
• their possible owners and the evidence available to support any conclusions.

An 18th Century Polymathpolymath

John Whitehurst was the son of a Congleton clockmaker. On moving to Derby he established himself as one of the foremost clockmakers in the area. As an 18th century polymath he was a scientist and engineer with an interest in geology, hydraulics, and astronomy. He became a member of that unique group of industrialists and philosophers known as the Lunar Society, which included Matthew Boulton, James Watt, Josiah Wedgwood, and Benjamin Franklyn.