Town Expeditions

4 trails, 9 challenges and 2 events

Welcome to Town Expeditions, a free summer festival for the whole family. Featuring 4 new trails, 9 challenges and 2 events – there’s something for everyone and all ages.

This summer, step back in time and embark on an exhilarating journey to learn about the history of Congleton. Town Expeditions, a six-week long festival during the summer holidays comprises 4 new trails, 4 explore challenges, 5 create challenges and 2 events. This immersive event invites adventurers of all ages to delve into the past and uncover secrets of the town, you might just stumble across stories you’ve never heard of before!

There is a Heritage Passport reward scheme and sticker book. Collect stickers for each trail and challenge you complete.

You can collect trails, the Heritage Passport and reward stickers from the museum. Please visit the below page for detailed information on the festival and each activity.

Congleton museum
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Guide Dogs
  • Wheelchair Accessible