The Chemists of Swan Bank (1865-1973)


Druggists, later known as chemists, have been  a constant feature of many a town’s high streets. Congleton was no exception. The author takes a street by street examination of the various chemists which operated in the town during the 19th and 20th centuries. This booklet deals with those chemists businesses located in the Swan Bank area of the town and includes the careers of Peter Ormrod Baxendale 1841-1911, Thomas Land Brown 1856-1909, Henry Williamson 1866-1925 and Leonard Williamson 1900-1966.

Author: Ray Rowe

Booklet size: A5

The Chemists of Swan Bank (1865-1973)


Booklet about the different chemists at Swan Bank in Congleton.

Swan Bank is the street in Congleton that links Duke Street and Mill Street at its northern end to West Street and Wagg Street at its southern end….

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