Our Story: Pride of Place

In February 2024, immerse yourself in a compelling narrative woven by the voices of our community with the “Pride of Place” exhibition at Congleton Museum, presented in partnership with Congleton Pride. As part of LGBT History Month, we celebrate the lives, struggles, and joys of the LGBT community, brought to life through the artistic expressions of local talents.

“Pride of Place” is not just an art exhibition but a heartfelt journey through the diverse experiences that shape our identities and communities. It’s a showcase of courage, a gallery of resilience, and a celebration of authenticity. This special collection is a key part of ‘Our Story’, a collaborative initiative aimed at embracing and understanding the spectrum of narratives within the LGBT community.

Visitors to the exhibition will experience a dynamic array of artworks, each piece telling a unique story of personal and communal milestones. The exhibition offers an intimate look into the lives of individuals, echoing the sentiments of love, adversity, triumph, and belonging that resonate within the LGBT community.

Daily 1st - 17th Feb 2024, 9 hrs 5 mins
Congleton Museum
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Guide Dogs
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Visually Impaired